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Our Work

Founded in Seattle in 1890, Bartell Drugs is the oldest independent drugstore chain in the United States. And it's one of the most respected family-owned retailers in the Northwest.  To celebrate their 125th Anniversary, we used archival photos and a variety of period still cameras to tell the story of this well-loved neighborhood icon.

Rampaging hoardes of habanero peppers overrun a quiet Northwest town. Taco Time NW brings back their hot and spicy Habanero Burritos!  Try one, they're awesome!!  And be sure to check out our "Making Of Habeneros Return" video on our Stories page... a behind-the-scenes look at stop-motion magic!

Since 1986 Leonard Creative has been a trusted creative partner and storyteller for leading Pacific Northwest brands. Led by director David Leonard, this collection of creative minds has worked with local companies to conceive and produce some of the region’s most enduring television and radio campaigns.

Kudos to wardrobe stylist Ron Leamon and hair/makeup stylist Rebecca Lynne for making  Erica look amazing.  OK, she looked amazing to begin with. But our elegant styling, set design, and lighting didn't hurt either.  For the record, Erica is indeed 41 and not a professional model.  And yes, she could easily kick your butt.

Welcome to Leonard Creative. If we had a catchy slogan for this company it might be something like, "Every penny on the screen." Meaning that we put a lot of thought and effort into squeezing the most production value possible into every job we do. Not very sexy as slogans go. But most clients aren't looking for sexy, just fresh ideas and good value.

Lip-syncing nutcrackers? You betcha! We dreamed this one up over a round of eggnogs. What makes this holiday treat so tasty is great puppeteering and sets (Curtis Taylor, Darcey Zoller, and Emily Wood) and magical lighting (Bruce Donelan, DP/Camera). Original score by Steve Allen of AM Music. Seattle actress Bhama Roget adds just the right holiday frosting.

It's one of our all-time favorite commercials we've produced for Taco Time. Seattle actor Joe Homes landed the role as an intrepid Taco Time employee searching for the perfect fish taco. Artist Zach Pahl completed the post-production fantasy in After Effects. We think you'll agree it's one tasty spot! Not that we're fishing for compliments or anything.

When our client Bartell Drugs jumped on a media opportunity to sponsor a televised victory parade, they asked us to jump too. This brand image spot was conceived, produced, and uploaded to the TV station in just over 24 hours. Local pride? Yeah, we're all about that. This spot still gives us goosebumps - the good kind.

For nearly 30 years Leonard Creative has tapped into their Seattle roots to create unique, memorable commercials that strongly resonate with Northwest audiences. Our partnerships with local clients and suppliers have lasted not just years but often decades.

Watch the kid in this commercial. His every move, every expression, was carefully coached and rehearsed. (If you believe a word of that, you obviously don't have kids!) It was one of those beautiful moments when all the stars align. On a moving bus no less! Special shout out to Seattle actress and improv artist Bhama Roget for going with the flow. It's the only time she's been upstaged!

What a great story! With funding from the Taco Time Northwest Foundation, the Tacoma Farmers Market matches $10 in seasonal fruits and veggies for every $10 in SNAP, WIC or Senior Nutrition Program vouchers, helping feed more than 1,500 Pierce County low-income families. Plus 100% of the funds support Washington State farmers.  (Special thanks to Andrew Ferguson for the solo guitar track.)

Directing kids is one of the most rewarding challenges for a director. Luckily, these kids were motivated and eager to be part of the crew. And they probably slept really well after all those laps! Pro Sports Club is an amazing facility with fitness programs that genuinely improve lives. It's been a treat for us to tell their members' stories.

Local cleantech startup, EnergySavvy, was looking for something unique to celebrate their latest round of funding. On their quest to find people who are indeed "energy savvy" they planned a recruiting event in South Lake Union to ask energy efficiency trivia and give out free cupcakes. The video had a fun, spontaneous quality that matched the event.

We lost track at 1,000. That's how many TV spots we had written, produced, and directed by 2001. The point is, Leonard Creative has tons of experience making TV and radio commercials and web videos. We love collaborating on new ideas, new techniques and new stories. What's your story? Let's talk!

The great thing about this business is you never stop learning. Over the years we've conceived and produced dozens of stop-motion commercials but never one that existed in a vertical world. Imagine balancing odd-shaped veggies end on end, two feet in the air. Whew! What did we learn? Going horizontal is way more fun!

Seattle actor/writer/producer/funny man Pat Cashman adds just the right weirdness to this special effects spot for Taco Time. The forced-perspective Ames Room was a practical set designed and built by Kaleo Quenzer (Southside AllStars). Post-production effects and heightened reality by AE artist Zach Pahl. Special thanks to co-creative director, Tom Price.

What could be more authentically Northwest than a giant saguaro cactus holed up in an igloo on Mt. Rainier, eating chili with singing penguins? Not quite local enough? That's why we hired Seattle's own celebrity funnyman Pat Cashman to dramatize the story. By the way, Taco Time's White Chicken Chili is to die for!  Well, almost.